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100% NDN (Naturally Designed Native)

100% NDN (Naturally Designed Native)


Sunday July 10th 3:30PM Matinee
Written, Directed & Choreographed by Isaac Alvarez Cardenas
Starring Jesse Borrego
Tickets: $10 – $25

Reserved Table Seating and authentic food make this night of great theatre even better !

Enjoy the one of a kind “Rez Dog” and Refreshing Agua de Tuna ( prickly pear juice ) at your banquet style table.

“The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center is proud to celebrate San Antonio’s Native American culture with this entertaining and thought-provoking production. The GCAC honored to partner with American Indians in Texas – Spanish Colonial Missions to present this one of a kind performance.” says Director of Program Management Joel Settles. 


About the Play: This original Theatre/Dance production featuring accomplished film actor and dancer Jesse Borrego, tells the story of Nightbear and his family who discover the unresolved conflict among Native American Indian people. Together they must all navigate through the rage and dying love for one another as Indigenous brothers and sisters on the Island of the Turtle. Who is a Native American, American Indian, First Nation or Aboriginal ? Who decides if you are full blood, half blood, quarter blood? We are all the sum of our parts. All human, one hundred percent and fully Native.


About the Food: While not Indigenous, frybread has been a staple on Reservations across the US for generations. Our local creation is the “Rez Dog”, which takes a 100% Beef Kiolbassa sausage and wraps it in frybread for a delicious new treat. Refreshing prickly pear juice (agua de tuna) will be sourced from red and green varieties of the fruit that grows on local cactus.



Post Show Dialogue with Scholars Dr. Carmen Tafolla, Juan Tejeda and artists Jesse Borrego & Isaac A. Cardenas.

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