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Untitled (Public Display) | CAM Perennial 2014

Untitled (Public Display)
2014 CAM Perennial Exhibition
March 21- May 10, 2014
Curated by Leslie Moody Castro
Museo Guadalupe

Opening Reception: Friday, March 21, 6-9 p.m.

For the third consecutive year, Contemporary Art Month (CAM) has chosen the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center to partner in the 2014 CAM Perennial Exhibition. Every year, CAM chooses a curator from outside of San Antonio to give a fresh perspective on the San Antonio art scene. Leslie Moody Castro will serve as this year’s curator of the 2014 CAM Perennial Exhibition.

The 2014 CAM Perennial Exhibition, Untitled(Public Display), is an exhibition in progress.  The gallery space of the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center will evolve as artists Christie Blizard and Mark Menjivar collaborate with each other, the surrounding community and gallery visitors. Works will be added, taken out of the space, and the process documented on a hand drawn map of the community which will serve as a focal point of the exhibition.

While this project may seem unconventional, the crux of it is to offer the surrounding community and audience the opportunity to play an active role throughout the duration of the exhibition.  It is a work in progress and we invite everyone to participate.  This project is as reliant upon its audience as it is on the artists participating.

Participating Artists:

Christie Blizard
Mark Menjivar

Associated programming:

Saturday, April 12, Four Leaf Clover Hunting Trip, 12 – 2 p.m. 

Together with Mark Menjivar members of the community will go on a walk throughout the neighborhood to look for four leaf clovers. Together with a brief talk prior to the hunt, the duration of the trip will last around 1.5 hours, but can vary according to the number of participants. The path taken will be documented on the large Map in the gallery space.

Saturday, May 3, The Walk Project, 12- 2 p.m.

Christie Blizard will provide spray paint and canvases for an approximately 1-2 mile trek for about 10 participants. The trek will take participants throughout the community, and the paths will then be documented on the map inside of the gallery space. The duration of the program will take approximately two hours and Christie will give a short gallery talk prior to the event.

 Saturday, May 10, Closing talk, 6 – 8 p.m.

To conclude the entire project artists Christie Blizard and Mark Menjivar, as well as curator Leslie Moody Castro will host a community potluck meal in the gallery space as well as an informal talk about the outcome of the project.


Previously, Moody Castro has curated exhibitions at spaces such as Women and Their Work, Mexic-Arte Museum, and Artpace in San Antonio.  These projects have been collaborative and international in scope, creating a cross-cultural dialogue between Mexico City and Texas.  Forthcoming projects include exhibitions at Co-Lab Projects, Texas State University, Central Trak Dallas, and The Visual Arts Center at the University of Texas Austin.



CAM seeks to promote and raise the national profile of San Antonio contemporary art and artists by organizing and facilitating a month-long celebration of contemporary art, providing marketing support, and by organizing and facilitating the CAM Perennial exhibitions and other public education programs. The CAM Perennial exhibition was established in 2011 to introduce an outside curator to San Antonio’s finest creative talent thereby increasing opportunities for local artists and broadening San Antonio’s reach nationally. CAMx, a CAM exhibition exchange project created in 2013 with its inaugural Houston/San Antonio collaboration will continue in 2014 between San Antonio and Mexico City.