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Common Currents Artist Talk

Common Currents Artist Talk

Thursday, April 12, 6:00pm

Free Admission

Select artist from the Guadalupe’s Common Currents exhibition will discuss their artwork and inspiration year for the exhibition. Common Currents is a diverse, encyclopedic showcase of San Antonio’s history as told and rewritten by more than 300 visual and performing artists, invited to participate by their peers, and presented over 6 venues across the city. Panelists include David Blancas (1916), Giselle Diaz (1909), Jesus Toro Martinez (1884), and Pamela Ortiz Swart (1872).

David Blancas was raised on the southeast side of San Antonio, Texas. He utilizes the sacred iconography of cultures both present and past as a means of expressing his interpretation of the human condition.

Annette Giselle Diaz enjoys painting simple things in life, as landscapes, colorful fruit markets, and nature itself. Memories acquired from her native island of Puerto Rico and from thirty-five years residing in San Antonio experiencing the traditions of the Mexican culture inspire her work.

Jesus Toro Martinez’s art has evolved into the development of “santuarios” or sanctuaries for his soul. Using key energy elements, which often include romance, life, religion, death, and cultural identity, his art can now be universally translated into themes identifiable to many races and cultures.

Pamela Ortiz Swart is a San Antonio, Texas based working artist. Her studies in art school and travels domestically and to Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East have inspired her work with a multi-cultural, multi-dimensional tapestry. From themed solo-shows, to commissioned work and individual works of art, Pamela continues to push the boundaries of convention.

Cover image: Pamela Ortiz Swart, “1872 Serapescape”, 2018, 30x30in., Oil and Oil Pastel on Fringed Canvas

The exhibition is open through April 29, Monday-Saturday from 1:00 to 5:00pm. Visitation is also available by appointment.

Progreso Building, 1300 Guadalupe Street, San Antonio, TX 78207

Common Currents is an official City of San Antonio Tricentennial event.

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