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Common Currents

Common Currents

Common Currents
Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center
March 1 – April 29, 2018

The exhibition will premiere at the newly renovated historic Progreso Building  across the street from the Guadalupe Theater. 

Click here to download the Loan Agreement Form
Due February 5, 2018


*Due by February 5: Loan Agreement, Condition Report, and short paragraph about your new piece.

Email to Yadhira Lozano at

*Important Exhibition Dates
March 1 – April 29, 2018 Exhibition dates
February 19 -23, 2018 10:00a.m. – 5:00p.m. Artwork delivery – 723 S. Brazos Street
March 1, 2018 5:30 – 8:30 pm Opening reception
TBD Public Programs
April 30 – May 4, 2018 – Artwork pick up

  • Yes, you may resubmit photos and revisions to the Artist Form. Please indicate final version. See link below.

Click Here to Submit Your Artist Form Documents and Required Information.


1868 Madrigal Jane
1869 Jones Vikky
1870 Gonzales Martinez Jason
1871 Valencia Anita
1872 Ortiz Swart Pamela
1873 Cisneros Justo
1874 Miller James
1875 Whitby Sandy
1876 Zawrotny Raquel Zawrotny
1877 Wiegand Marc
1878 Gann Jerry
1879 Zubiate Peter
1880 Scott II Johnny
1881 Alcalá Daniel
1882 Vega Trevino Louis
1883 Ikki Nima
1884 Martinez Jesús Toro
1885 Amri Nicole
1886 Rabajille Anastassia
1887 Seale Ansen
1888 Ybanez Theresa A. Ybanez
1889 O’Brien Mary
1890 Gedala Lata
1891 Walley Mark and Angela
1892 Liu Qing
1893 Vazquez Vielma Carlos
1894 Harrsch Erika Harrsch
1895 Eichelmann Sofia
1896 Spears Stefani
1897 Gonzalez Suzy
1898 Poole Nicole
1899 Farmer Allysha
1900 Rodriguez Miki
1901 Korver Justin
1902 Orta-Puente Kristel
1903 Muniz Cristina
1904 Arredondo Linda
1905 De La Cruz Adrian
1906 Thompson Justin Randolph
1907 Savas Yemez Gunes
1908 Breish Eric
1909 Diaz Giselle
1910 Jung Soomin
1911 Pogue Margot
1912 Escobedo Ed
1913 Park Glenna
1914 Toral Dani Toral
1915 Ochoa Christopher
1916 Blancas David
1917 Frost Gerry


General Information

In celebration of San Antonio’s Tricentennial year, six downtown artist-centric organizations: Artpace San Antonio, Blue Star Contemporary, Carver Community Cultural Center, the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, the Mexican Cultural Institute, and the Southwest School of Art, will partner to present an exhibition that will illuminate the 300 years of their hometown’s history. Common Currents is a diverse, encyclopedic showcase of San Antonio’s history as told and rewritten by 300 visual and performing artists, invited to participate by their peers, and presented over 6 venues.

Drawing on the connections or currents that run through San Antonio’s vibrant creative community, each of the organizing partners began by inviting two artists.

These initial 12 artists were then asked to invite two peer artists, until 300 were amassed. All of the participating artists were assigned one year of San Antonio’s history on which to reflect in the development of their work for Common Currents .

This exhibition is presented chronologically through a variety of contemporary media across the six venues.

Common Currents draws a portrait of San Antonio, by San Antonians. With the “chain letter-inspired” framework for the exhibition, each organization takes a backseat, letting the participating artists make decisions that may traditionally be the role of the organization or curator. This provides for an exciting presentation of artistic connections spanning our center city’s art venues.

Exhibition Dates


Artpace San Antonio / January 18 – March 4
Blue Star Contemporary / February 1 – May 7
Southwest School of Art / February 15 – April 22
Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center / March 1 – April 29
Carver Community Cultural Center / March 15
Mexican Cultural Institute / March 29 – May 7


You should be prepared to provide all equipment necessary to present your art. If possible each institution will work with their assigned artists to provide necessary equipment locally. Artists presentation needs must be communicated in advance to allow for adequate preparation.

Authorship and Ownership

By entering a work, you represent that you are its author and that you own the work. All works must be newly created in response to the year of San Antonio’s history assigned to the artist.

Artwork Information

● Title
Dimensions: Height, Width, Depth — Please use inches in fraction format. (Maxmdimensions 30x30x30”)
● Medium
● Year Completed

Publication-Quality Documentation

In order to promote the exhibition in a timely fashion, publication-quality documentation of all work will be conducted as soon as work is completed by artist.

Artist will also provide a bio, artist statement about their practice and the new piece, a high resolution photograph of previous work. Participating organizations are working to secure funding for publication about the exhibition. Additional materials may be requested.

Loan Agreements

Artists will be required to complete a loan agreement before acceptance of a work is final. Associate paperwork will be specified by your assigned organization.


All artists will be awarded an honorarium of $150 for participating in the exhibition following their opening/event date.

Handling and Shipping of Work

Work accepted for the exhibition may be hand-delivered or shipped pre-paid to the exhibition venue; artists are also responsible for return shipping. Organizational support may vary. Organizations will work with artists to make the most cost-effective arrangements available. All work must be packed appropriately to ensure its safety during shipping and storage awaiting exhibition installation.

Organizations may use the same or similar packing to prepare work for return shipping. Organizations are not responsible for damage due to improper packing or shipping.


Insurance coverage may vary by organization.


Work must be received and ready to install by date requested by your assigned organization (usually between 1 to 3 weeks of opening date) . Artists with specific installation requests must provide instructions in advance.

Reproductions and Publicity

By entering your work and providing images and other documentation, you agree that any images and other materials you provide may be reproduced and published in promotional and press materials and distributed via the websites and social media channels. You also agree that images of your work may be reproduced in the context of the exhibition and its promotion by third parties such as journalists for non-profit, promotional, and educational purposes.

Sale of Work

All work included in the exhibition must have a value for insurance purposes. If your work is available for purchase your assigned institution may retain a percentage if sold during the exhibition. This will be specified by your assigned organization. You may also specify your work is not for sale.

Questions? Please contact your assigned organization. General information and a complete list of participating artists available at

*Note this document is not an agreement and is solely for informational purposes.

Your assigned organization will outline specific terms for exhibiting at their venue.  Specifics for the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center will come in a second email.

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