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Dessert Dash

Thank you for your interest in donating to our 2015 Gala Dessert Dash!

The basic concept of the Dessert Dash is that we will “commission” fabulous desserts, one or more for each table at the Gala dinner. Each table will have an envelope for Dessert Dash donations from individuals sitting at the table. Whichever table has the largest donation (most money in the envelope) will get to “dash” for their chosen dessert first. Second most money, second to dash, and so forth. As the local culinary environment is thriving in San Antonio we look forward to promoting businesses known for their delectable sweets.

We would love for you to participate and we are asking for one or more desserts that will each feed a table of 10. In return we will acknowledge you throughout the night on stage and in the Gala program. The Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, and the value of your contribution is fully tax-deductible. For more information, or to make delivery arrangements, please contact Carmen Salinas at 210-271-3151 x241 or

If you are able to participate, please fill out the form HERE by August 10, 2015. We request that donations be received, whether delivered or arranged for pick-up the week of the Gala.

Please consider helping the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center make history by donating desserts today!