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This River Here

This River Here
January 11 – March 2, 2013
Curator: Patty Ortiz

This River Here investigates the powerful interconnection between word and image by asking artists to visually realize the words of San Antonio’s Poet Laureate, Dr. Carmen Tafolla through her poem This river here. The end result is one continuous drawing flowing and suspended throughout the Guadalupe Gallery thereby taking on a physical manifestation of this poetic river. Similar to the game exquisite corpse, where each collaborator adds to one fluid composition, This River Here takes the poet’s singular viewpoint and explodes the poem’s verses into a multitude of representations as each artist fuses her/his own visual interpretation to the mix.

Participating Artists

David Alcantar
Arturo Almeida
Andy Benavidez
Sylvia Benitez
Kim Bishop
Nate Cassie
Victor Guerrero
Mark Hogensen
Ethel Shipton
Victoria Suescum
Jeremiah Teutsch
Luis Valderas

Selected Press:

This River Here: Interview with Patty Ortiz by Haydeé Muñoz De la Rocha. Art Magazine, 2012.