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Future is Now: Youth Videos from San Antonio

Featuring the work of San Antonio area high school students. Participating programs include the Design and Technology Academy at Roosevelt, Film School of San Antonio at Harlandale, Thomas Jefferson High School, John Marshall High School, Kenedy ISD, Saint Mary’s Hall Digital Cinema, Say Sí, and St. Mark’s School of Texas Film Studies in Dallas. Hosted by Maximo!

The Struggle Is Real Tristan Sanchez, 2019, USA, 2 min

The Struggle Is Real is based on everyday struggles as a teenager. From lack of money to emotions, in the end, the struggle is getting over yourself. Done in 8bit pixel art.

White Feather

Sammy Sanchez and Matthew Theilmann, 2018, USA, 2 min

This is a story of boy meets girl. The boy hits a fork in the road when he lets his cowardice take over, and has to decide whether he will let his fear destroy desire.

One Last Dance

Ariana Muñoz, 2018, USA, 2 min

A ballerina is faced with a difficult decision when she sprains her ankle right before a performance.

Perfect Places

Fatima Aguillon, 2018, USA, 7 min

Bella attempts to deal with her problems, all the while feeling pressure from her peers and not getting enough support from home.

Joy Ride

Kymberlee Gonzales, 2019, USA, 2 min

Joy Ride is a short animation drawn in an anime art style. Richie is the main protagonist out to win a race. Imagination plays a key role in this.

The Door

Airam Villarreal Cantu, 2018, USA, 3 min

A person walks towards a door. As he’s about to open it, he hears a strange sound and decides to investigate.


Zachary Goodwin, 2018, USA, 4 min

A look into the anxiety a girl expresses towards a school shooting.


Michael Carreon, 2019, USA, 5 min

This film surrounds the topic of school violence and the individuals that face it through different perspectives.

The Climb

Alana Trinidad, 2019, USA, 3 min

Val, a determined mountain climber is going to attempt her biggest feat yet! In doing so she realizes to look at life from every angle, no matter how big or tall, short or small.


Liam Ramirez, 2019, USA, 6 min

A student becomes trapped and slowly begins to lose his grip on reality.

La Tamalada

Anne Guerra-Armendariz, 2018, USA, 11 min

After being kicked out of his home for coming out, Alejandro hosts the annual Christmas tamalada alone with his boyfriend. Meanwhile, his family struggles with his absence.

Lost & Found

Elionas Puente, 2018, USA, 19 min

Ale, a young boy, steals his father’s astronaut for his school show and tell but leaves the toy on his bus ride home. Afraid to confront his dad, he and his friend June decide that the best course of action is to break into the bus lot and steal it back.

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