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Guadalupe Dance Company

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The Guadalupe Dance Company, based out of San Antonio, Texas, is the professional dance

company of the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center. Unique among the nation’s dance ensembles, the

Guadalupe Dance Company is one of the leading professional Folklorico and Flamenco

companies. Founded in 1991, the unparalleled skill, choreography and costuming of its corps of

dancers make for exceptional artistry that is both culturally enlightening and technically stunning in

its execution. With artistic guidance of visiting artists, the Dance Company produces original both

contemporary and traditional dance productions throughout the year.


Performing in and around San Antonio venues, the Company has been invited to dance for The

Dallas Cowboys, Texas A&M, The Tejano Music Awards, the Rose Marine Theater in

Fort Worth and the Miller Outdoor Theater in Houston, TX to name a few. The Dance Company has

also had the great honor to share the stage with the San Antonio, Houston and Nashville

Symphonies. In addition, the Company has also been invited to perform for local and national

Television shows such as Good Morning America, The Today Show and Despierta America and was

also featured in the dance segment of traveling media exhibition CHICANO NOW!


Meet our dancers:


Jeannette Chavez (Dance Company Artistic Director) has been teaching in San Antonio for twenty

years in the Guadalupe Dance Academy, Palo Alto College and in several after school programs

and community centers . She has had the opportunity to work with Miguel Vargas, Rafael Zamarripa

and Serafin Aponte. An original member of the Guadalupe Dance Company, Jeannette currently

directs the Guadalupe Dance Company and Academy.


Sabrina Latigo began dancing at the age of 3. Her studies began in Folklorico Basics with the

Guadalupe Dance Academy at the age of 6. Throughout her studies with the Guadalupe Dance

Academy she has been part of many Company productions and she is now a member of the

Guadalupe Dance Company.


Belinda Menchaca (Company Director 1992 – 2011) became Director of the Dance Company in

1992 and has choreographed many original pieces in collaboration with the San Antonio Symphony.

Belinda began her training through the City Parks and Recreation program, and from 1977 to 1990,

she was the principal dancer for Compañía de Arte Español, a former local flamenco dance

company.  She then studied Flamenco and Spanish classical dance with several instructors while

living in Madrid, Spain.


Marisa Perez first began dancing with San Antonio Parks and Recreation at the age of three. She

studied Folklorico under the direction of Huemantzin Lopez and Flamenco with Carmen “Chiqui”

Linares for several years as part of Danza Hispana Infantil. She also danced with Roy Lozano’s

Ballet Folklorico in Austin.  Marisa has been part of the Guadalupe Dance Company since 2008.


Marlene Pita started dancing at the age of 11, after being introduced to the Guadalupe Dance

Academy by her brother, Jesse Borrego. She later became a company member in 2000. After a brief

hiatus, she has been invited to work with the Company as an apprentice.


Denise Rios has been dancing for over 30 years. Her studies bagan at the age of 3 under the

direction of Teresa Champion. She has also performed with Fandango, Danza Hispana, Entre

Flamenco, and the Guadalupe Dance Company. Besides all of the wonderful maestros the

Guadalupe Dance Company has worked with Denise has also studied with Chiqui Linares,

Stephanie Ramirez, and Antonio Granjero. For many years Denise was the dance instructor for

Fandango, San Antonio Parks and Recreation, and the Guadalupe Dance Academy.


Crystal Zuniga has been dancing with the Guadalupe Dance Company for ten years.  Aside from

performing with the Dance Company, Crystal is a Folklorico Instructor for the youngest dancers of

the Dance Academy. She has performed in several productions such as Alma de Mujer, Historias y

Recuerdos, Fiesta POPS with the San Antonio Symphony and many more.