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Guadalupe Dance Company: For Event Planners

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Yucatan Main Plaza Matt Bynum

For Convention Planners and Event Organizers

Fiesta Folklorico, a performance that includes traditional folk dances from various regions in Mexico by both the professional Dance Company and the Dance Academy. Dancers dressed in colorful elaborate costumes can be available to welcome guests and can also available for photos with guests. A Mariachi group can stroll through the plaza filling the air with the familiar sound of traditional Mariachi music. The program can also include a Grito (traditional Mexican yell) competition and performance by a local musical group that plays the beautiful traditional Jarocho music form the Mexican State of Veracruz. The show concludes with the professional Dance Company and Mariachi performing dances from the state of Jalisco, Mexico.

Fiesta Flamenca includes a live singer and musicians that instantly set an ambiance that can only be described as intense, soulful and passionate. Dancers convey heartache and joy through their expressive movement and mesmerize audiences with their intricate footwork. Audiences will be treated to the beauty, grace and fluidity that is the rich tradition of the Guadalupe Dance Company. The program can also include a Palma (syncopated hand clapping) interactive as well as a mini dance class where participants have the opportunity to get up and dance.


  • Wood stage is preferred. However, we have performed on portable stages and dance floors.
  •  Two costume racks and prop table in dressing room.

For Performing Arts Presenters

Rio Bravo
Alma de Mujer is an artistic journey that interprets the soulful expression of women and the relationships that shape their lives. The Flamenco fused production explores themes of love, loss, struggle, spirituality and family from a feminine perspective through traditional and non traditional flamenco dance.

Historias y Recuerdos
Unique in their expression, the dancers translate stories collected from community members into beautifully choreographed dance theater segments. Set to a backdrop of video interviews, the dancers bring these stories to life on stage in beautifully staged suites. Audiences are treated to a multisensory experience in which music, theater, video and dance are interwoven.

Tradiciones de Mi Tierra
This full-length Flamenco show includes classical Spanish dances plus traditional favorites. The mood of this performance is both elegantly classical and energetically passionate.