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A survey of the artists within our midst

Exhibition Open
12p – 5p
Monday thru Friday
For Appointments & Group Tours Please Schedule at least 48hrs in Advance.
For more information email


Curators Panel Discussion

May 20, 6:30 – 8:30 pm in the Galería

Panelists: Kristin Gamez, Luis Valderas, Trina Bacon, Kristel Puente, and Sylvia Benitez.

Moderator: Chris Davila

Join us for a great opportunity to hear the thought processes from exhibiting curators within multiples.

About the showcase

A showcase of seven participating guest curatorial endeavors, multiples highlights the contemporary nuance and multiplicity of art/ist that exist within our diverse city of San Antonio. The showcase includes the curatorial vision of GAGA (Gentileschi Aegis Gallery Association), 3rd Space Art Gallery, The Color of Blind and independent artist curators Mari Hernandez and Kristin Gamez. Each participating group aims to shed new light on a unique aspect of how identity operates within the visual arts in our city and region.

Participating Curator Panelists

Kristin Gamez (Novela: arte y drama): Kristin is multimedia artist, member of Más Rudas Chicana art collective, and an educator in the Mass Communication department at Northwest Vista College in San Antonio, Texas. She received a B.S. in R-T-F and a M.A. in Media Studies from the University of Texas Austin with a portfolio in the Arts and Cultural Management and Entrepreneurship program. Kristin integrates performance, video, photography and installation to create issue based work in race, pop culture, and feminism filtered through a Chicana experience. She has screened her work, as well as shown and performed her work in different public venues including Red Space Gallery, San Antonio Main Plaza, the NALIP Contemporary Art Month Showcase, CinemaTexas Film Festival Inclusion, Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) Prague Showcase, Slanguage, Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, ArtPace, the Institute of Texan Cultures and currently on showcase for X Marks the Art in San Antonio, Texas.

Trina Bacon: Trina Bacon is a local art teacher, ceramist, TV personality, tactile and 3-D artist. Her passion is to share her tactile concepts in art education with the blind and sight-seeing communities.  She likes to think outside what the eye can see by taking into consideration what can also be “seen” without sight.  She uses other senses, such as smell, touch, and taste for a perception to create universal art concepts for all who desire to create and experience art. Her dream is to lead San Antonio to invest in having the first art museum for the visually impaired and special needs community in the United States. “The Color of Blind” is Trina’s way of starting a new movement for the arts community. “The Color of Blind” received the “The Big Boal Award” by Contemporary Art Month organizers in March 2015 for its innovation and stellar artists’ collaboration to better the San Antonio art community. Follow #artequalityforall.

Luis Valderas (Walking on the Moon): Luis Valderas is co-founder of Project: MASA I, II, and III, a national group exhibit featuring Latino artist focused in Chicano identities. He is also the co-founder of 3rd Space Art Gallery, a space devoted to representing current trends in the San Antonio visual arts scene, and Art to the Third Power, a production house. Valderas’ work has been featured in Chicano Art for Our Millennium-2004 and Triumph in Our Communities: Four Decades of Mexican American Art-2005. His work is part of several collections including UTSA, the Arizona State University, International Museum of Art and Science, Mexic-Arte Museum, Art Museum of South Texas, Instituto for Latino Studies/Notre Dame and the San Antonio Museum of Art. Valderas has had the opportunity to show not only locally and nationally, but also internationally. His work was exhibited at OSDE Espacio de Arte in Buenos Aires, Argentina and the Medellin Museum of Art in Medellin, Colombia.

Kristel Puente (the Color Of Blind): Kristel Puente is a photographer and artist. she currently lives and works in San Antonio, Texas and is a 2016 Artist Lab participant. She began her photography work over 7 years ago. She specializes in commercial, fashion, runway, and artistic photography. Her work has grown over the last four years from focusing on commercial work, to evolving into art and concept photography. This evolution being possible because of her involvement with the Color of Blind, and the opportunities that surrounding oneself with artists brings. She is very proud to be Co-Curator of The Color of Blind with Trina Bacon, and she hopes to continue to make a difference in her community. She currently sells her Alamo Series of commercial work in The Alamo Giftshop. Her artistic artwork is mainly composed of several areas of interest that she draws from which are history, civil rights issues, San Antonio culture, gender studies, feminism and cultural appropriation.

Sylvia Benitez (GAGA): Sylvia Benitez is the founder and president of the Gentileschi Aegis Gallery Association, known here in San Antonio as GAGA. Benitez is a nationally awarded fine artist whose work spans large-scale site specific installations to Landscape paintings. She is the recipient of two Pollock Krasner foundation awards, and Adolph and ester Gottlieb mature artist support grant and two National Endowment for the Arts Visiting Artist Fellowships.


Chris Davila: Chris Davila is an art consultant specializing in artist representation and museum and gallery programming of contemporary latino arts. An advocate for the arts in San Antonio, she has collaborated with many arts organizations including the McNay Art Museum, the Briscoe Western Art Museum, Luminaria San Antonio and Say Sí. Ms. Davila is employed with the McNay Art Museum as the museum”s conservation tech.


Gentileschi Aegis Gallery Association

Exhibition Title: Honoring Women


“Honoring Women” celebrates the fearless women who have influenced cultures throughout the world from ancient times to the present. The show is presented this March during Women’s History Month by GAGA (Gentileschi Aegis Gallery Association), an all women’s artist group from South Texas.

More than 45 artists have individually depicted a woman whose life or mythic story serves as both their muse and inspiration to create, to advocate, to act, and, in some cases, for example, just break out in song!

A San Antonio physician and artist give us a visual rendition of Elizabeth Blackwell, the first woman to receive a medical degree in the United States.

The exhibit is as diverse as all women; the forty-nine artworks read like a mural of exceptional women from the myths of Athena to the real-life activism of Angela Davis.


Kristin Gamez & Mari Hernandez

Exhibition TitleNovela: Arte y Drama


Novela: Arte y Drama is inspired by the Spanish telenovela, a serial daytime television show of short duration. Telenovelas often focus on themes of conflict, drama and hyper-emotional situations that mimic real life. In some instances novelas are used to communicate socio-cultural circumstances and messages. Influenced by novelas and punctuated by fleeting anxieties, the work presented in Arte y Drama parallels real life occurrences and via exaggeration, can be experienced as a form of self-parody.


3rd Space Art Gallery

Exhibition Title: Walking on the Moon

Description: 3rd Space Art Gallery presents @ the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center-Walking On The Moon: Conversations about changes: location, movement and consequence. “Giant steps are what you take…” Featuring: Sabra Booth, Kimberly Garza Campbell, Jose Cardenas, Jose Cosme, Howard Crunk, Adriana Gallego, Luis M. Garza, Lucy Helton, Farad Ibrahimovic, Sue & Mark Peavy, Polina Novozhenets, Michael Witzel.

3rd Space Art Gallery is a place where new and more experienced artists are allowed to explore fresh ideas and directions – an incubator of the arts. We focus on New Century Art that is outside of the accepted conceptual conventions while striving for the highest excellence in quality and craftsmanship.


The Color Of Blind

Description: The Color of Blind is a unique and one-of-a-kind art exhibit, It is in our exhibit that allows for the visually impaired and special needs community to participate. All art pieces are touch pieces and guest are encouraged to experience the art through touch. Some art pieces also have smell and sound. People can also experience the taste, smell, and feel of color with a curriculum developed by curator Trina Bacon.

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