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Nuevo Teatro Showcase w/ F.I.R.E. Collaborative

Nuevo Teatro Showcase w/ F.I.R.E. Collaborative

Nuevo Teatro Showcase : An Evening of Two New Plays

Sat. July 22 @ 8PM

$5 General Admission ( Adult Language Parental Guidance Suggested

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The Plays: Mundo Sin Ti ( English Language )

La Chona se Confiesa ( Spanish Language) 

Mundo Sin Ti:  Written and Directed by Julie Marin

This new play follows the lives of a dysfunctional family residing in the Westside of San Antonio. A story centered around what it means to forgive, Blanca is faced with the challenge of salvaging her family from repeating their past. Reconciliation and clarity are not easy to come by when tensions remain heated between siblings. Sorrow is the source of stagnancy. We see the heartache manifest differently within each family member. As their lives continue to unfold, so do their places in one another’s world. A play in three acts. Act one only has been staged for showcase.

Produced by FIRE Collaborative : Fire Collaborative is a performing ensemble producing all original work. Ignited by Latina artists, we strive to cultivate avant-garde and traditional forms of theatre for the San Antonio community by networking with other eclectic artists coming from any age or experience.






La Chona se Confiesa  ( Spanish Language ) 

The second of a series of 8 comedies based on the history of a Mexican indigenous woman called Chona, who is employed at a tendajo of a Mexican rural town called Tres Pelillos. In this comedy, Chona returns to her mischievous ways. Given her happy nature and witty personality her boss Herculano sends Chona to confess, creating one chaos of confusion in the chapel of the town, which leaves the purest of priests begging for divine forgiveness. In the end, Chona manages to clarify all misunderstandings and at the same time reveals an important message to her audience.

“La Chona se Confiesa” es la segunda de 8 series de comedia basadas en la historia de una pícara mujer campesina llamada Chona que trabaja en un tendajo del pueblo llamado Tres Pelillos. En esta comedia La Chona vuelve a sus andadas. Dado a su alegre naturaleza y infinitas ocurrencias su patron Herculano la envia a confesarse, creando una caos de confusion en la capilla del pueblo, que deja hasta el Cura dandose golpes de pecho. La Chona logra aclarar sus malentendidos y al mismo tiempo revelar un importante mensaje a su audiencia.

Produced by the Happy Medyann Theater Group: We are a happy non-profit theater group  based in Houston Texas.  We love to inspire, entertain and educate our audiences about our Latin culture and heritage through our cheerful and colorful traditional Mexican comedy and didactic plays.  In this stressful times of uncertainty, Happy Medyann believes that “Laughter is the best antidote.” San Antonio, put your seat belts on and prepare yourself for a laughter mini vacation.

Grupo de Teatro Happy Medyann: Somos un feliz grupo de teatro no lucrativo basado en la ciudad de Houston Texas. Nuestro objetivo y mas grande deseo es inspirar, divertir y educar a nuestra audiencia acerca de nuestra cultura y tradicion latina por medio de nuestras coloridas comedias didacticas y obras teatrales.  En estos tiempos de incertidumbre, Happy Medyann cree que el mejor antidoto para todo mal es el cultivar sonrisas en el rostro de los demas.  San Antonio abrochate tu cinturon y preparate para una pequeña vacacion de carcajadas.

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