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Pop Up Potluck Project

The Guadalupe created the “Pop-up Potluck Project” to lead the conversation with its community as it embarks on its creative placemaking plans to transform its campus into a vibrant Cultural Corridor—specifically as it prepares to reopen the beloved Guadalupanita Café, which will include a Nixtamal living museum, culinary center and classrooms, and pocket park. Pop-up Potluck is an imaginative way to bring artists and the community together to actively envision and guide the neighborhood’s transformation.

Local artists have been “popping up” at community events to engage residents and invite them to “tell their story” about their food memories. These are recorded on long vinyl strips and tied on the restaurant’s walls, eventually creating a “furry coat” installation that will stand as a visual metaphor of the community’s cultural connection to its culinary traditions. The goal is to wrap the building with at least 10,000 unique memories and temporarily shift its appearance to draw attention to the restaurant redevelopment. With its short-funded, modest folding table and hand-drawn sign, the Pop-up project has become the heart of the Guadalupe’s community conversation.

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