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Macondo: Program Description


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Our annual Macondo Writing Workshop is an exceptionally unique summer gathering of writers working on geographic, cultural, economic, social and spiritual borders. Begun in 1995 by writer Sandra Cisneros and named after the town in Gabriel García Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude, the workshop transforms San Antonio, Texas — and more broadly, La Frontera — into a space of intense artistic and cultural creativity.

The Macondo Workshop is a master’s level workshop, meaning that participants are expected to be committed and well-seasoned writers capable of reviewing each other’s work with compassionate rigor and vision. Writers are accepted into the program through a blind peer review process. Once a writer has been accepted into Macondo they become Macondistas and are welcome to return annually to the workshops.

Mornings are dedicated to mandatory workshops where generally each Macondista has submitted a writing sample to be shared and workshopped on with the group. These workshops are not open to the public and are exclusively for Macondistas.

Afternoons are spent in forums regarding various artistic, political, and spiritual issues related to writing and evenings are devoted to readings and lectures, many of which are open to public presence and participation. In addition, there are several events planned throughout the week to provide participants with many opportunities for quality social interaction.