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Ruby Reds, Big Birds y Burras

Ruby Reds, Big Birds y Burras

Where: The Guadalupe Theater

When: Aug. 4-6, 2017 – Friday, Saturday, & Sunday – 8PM & 3PM ( Matinee)

Tickets: $10 – $15 

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Adapted from Barrera’s collection of linked short stories, “Ruby Reds, Big Birds y Burras” follows the journey of three Chicana protagonists, La Burra or “The Donkey Lady”, “The Big Bird” of the Rio Grande Valley and “La Lechuza” half-owl half-woman legend of Mexico and the U.S.–Mexico Borderlands. In this Tejana Trilogy these urban legend archetypes are flesh, blood, and full of human and lustful desires. Big Bird haunts dead-beat fathers, Burra carries the burdens of her community through the visions she sees and Lechuza wanders between borders, never quite settling on one or the other.

Join Marisela Barrera and a cast of some of San Anto’s best performers for this one-a-kind Tex-Mex saga of mythic proportions played out on the Guadalupe Theater’s stage !

Written and Directed by Marisela Barrera

La Burra the “Donkey Lady” 

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