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Tejano Conjunto Festival: For Vendors

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Vendor applications for the 2019 Tejano Conjunto Festival are now being accepted. Deadline is Friday, May 3 at 5:00pm.

Vendor Guidelines and Rules are subject to the rules of the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center (GCAC), City of San Antonio Parks and Recreation, and the Health and Building Inspection Departments.

The GCAC has the sole responsibility for assigning the vendor’s booth space at Rosedale Park. The vendor’s booth space is to be used only to sell the food or product item(s) approved by the GCAC. Sharing or subletting of the booth space is not permitted.

If the vendor is not provided with a permanent spot at Rosedale Park, the GCAC will only provide an 8’ x 10’ booth with one light bulb overhead. Vendor is responsible for all other equipment and supplies (tables, chairs, etc.).

Due to the very limited electrical capacity at Rosedale Park, the GCAC must approve all electrical requests. No electricity or plugs will be provided. Use of an approved generator or other means of power is highly recommended. Booth electrical requests must be submitted to the GCAC at the time this application is submitted. All electrical requests approved by the GCAC will be charged to the vendor. Vendor must pay electrical fees in advance. NO VENDOR WILL BE ALLOWED TO PLUG IN TO ANY POWER SOURCE AT ROSEDALE PARK WITHOUT PAYMENT OF ELECTRICITY.

Food vendors must comply with prevailing City of San Antonio Health Department rules, permits, and fees. Refer to the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District Sanitation Division Requirements for Temporary Food Establishments for further information. Vendors wishing to utilize open flame will be subject to San Antonio Fire Department inspection and permit.

Vendor Move-In is Friday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Vendor’s booth inspections will begin at 3 p.m. Gates open at 5 p.m.

No vehicles will be allowed to park inside the Tejano Conjunto Festival (TCF) area.

All vendors must move out by 1 a.m. on Monday. Vendors must check out with GCAC staff before leaving the park to verify their location is clean.

Each vendor booth will be entitled to two (2) three-day event passes and one (1) three-day parking pass. No service or activity may be performed in violation of the rules and regulations established by the GCAC Board of Directors.

The GCAC and City of San Antonio are not liable to vendors for any damage to or for the loss or destruction of any merchandise, food, lost profits, or injury to any person including employees of vendors or otherwise, all claims for any such loss or damage being expressly waived by vendor, who agrees to indemnify and hold the GCAC and the City of San Antonio harmless from all such claims as allowed by law.

Service to be performed must meet all of the vendor guidelines and rules outlined above. The GCAC reserves the right to make changes, amendments, and additions to these rules and conditions as deemed necessary.


  • Please fill out each field as labeled on the top of every box. The information been requested will turn bold when you click on the box.
    Payments should be made after application has been approved.
  • (All approved requests must be paid in advance) Please list each appliance with its corresponding wattage.
  • All applications due by Wednesday, May 4 at 5 p.m.