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Turning the Table


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About the artists:

David Alcantar:
A native Texan, David Alcantar received his BFA from the University of Texas Austin in general studio art practices.  Later, from the University of Colorado­­–Boulder, David received his MFA in Drawing and Painting. Alcantar’s primary artistic interest concerns human negotiation behavior, its universality, and the impact of this behavior on relationships between people, environments, and experiences. His work addresses the narrative and consequential propulsion that negotiated choices create and tackles the challenge of reconciling the time-based nature of negotiation and the static nature of paintings.

Ethel Shipton:
Born and raised in Laredo TX, Ethel attended the University of Texas in Austin for her BFA.  During this time she worked as a photographer for the Texas House of Representatives.  After 12 years in Austin, Ethel moved to Mexico City for 2 years this is where she first understood and took integrated  into an artist community.   On her return to Austin in 1991, she resumed her employment as a state photographer and for the next 5 years found herself looking for a sense of community just as the one she came to know in Mexico City.  Ethel found that community in San Antonio.  The result of this journey of the last 28 years is the following:

She’s lived and worked in San Antonio for 18 years and in that time able to be part of a large artist community with a national and international scope.   This has enabled her to explore a deeper vocabulary in her work.  While exploring materials and subject matter as well as opportunities to exhibit national and internationally, Ethel continues to build a stronger art practice within her community.

Justin Parr:
Justin is an artist, gallery owner, photographer, glass blower, and sculptor. In his work he seeks to tie these mediums into the ideas he has and involves the people around him in the conversation that ensues. Jason’s work has been described as the social sculpture or performance outburst that occurs, but with a tangible object to bring one closer to one’s own thoughts and ideas.


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About the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs:
The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) promotes international mutual understanding through a wide range of academic, cultural, private-sector, professional, and sports exchange programs. The Bureau’s exchanges engage youth, students, educators, artists, athletes, and emerging leaders in many fields in the United States and in more than 160 countries. Alumni of ECA exchanges comprise over one million people around the world, including more than 50 Nobel Laureates and more than 320 current or former heads of state and government.